Sunday, November 2, 2008


This summer I began to completely renovate my home. Guessing that with this economy I'm going to have to stay put for a while, I decided to repair everything that needed fixing. I'm still in the middle of painting walls and ceilings and refinishing old oak hardwood floors. Under shabby carpeting, I found the most beautiful floors imaginable! They just needed a lot of care to bring them to their former beauty.
My home was built approximately the year I was born and I suppose it's another reason why I feel a kindred spirit to this old place. The plaster walls show signs of settling cracks and the windows broken seals allow drafts of frosty winter air. Maintenance to my home and body will keep us both in good shape longer.
I've had two strokes and two open heart surgeries. But Father Time has not taken away the will to live endowed to me by Mother Nature, so I dusted myself off and built a new life.
This new life, like remodeling my home, was built from the ground up. Relearning to walk, talk, comprehend, read, see, and dress myself was not an easy task. I had to renovate everything that makes me the person I am today.
Besides remodeling my life, several years ago I began an organization to assist other stroke survivors (heroes of stroke). Using my skills as a nurse and a recent college degree in English, Communications and Professional Writing, I authored books, published by major medical publishers, relating to stroke.
If you have a moment, go to and tell your relatives, neighbors, and friends about Stroke Awareness and Recovery. Take a moment to continue to read my bi-monthly blogs at and ask questions regarding family members whom have had a stroke at
Please keep stroke survivors in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to rebuild our lives. Help us restore ourselves to our former beauty, from the inside out.

Cleo Hutton
Stroke Hero/LPN/Author/Freelance Writer/Advocate